Jhpiego-MCHIP January 2013 to June 2016

JhpiegoMCHIP January 2013 to June 2016 with a possibility of extension:

Supporting SSUHA in implementing the Integrated Service Delivery Project (ISDP) in Lainya county of CES. This is funded by USDAID through Jhpiego-MCHIP with a yearly total budget of 850,000 USD for the period January 2013-December 2015, and it caters for an approximate population of 117,658 (2013 source, Maternal Child Health Improvement Project – MCHIP), and covering service provision in 5 PHCCs and 16 PHCUs. The project came to an end on 30th March 2016.

Indicators for the project are drawn from the following areas of activities: 1. Child Health: This includes activities such as Integrated Management of Child Illnesses (IMCI), Extended Program of Immunization (EPI), and growth and monitoring. 2. Maternal and Newborn Health (MCH): This includes ANC, deliveries, newborn care, breastfeeding counseling. 3. Family Planning (FP): This includes FP provision (counseling and methods). 4. HIV/AIDS: This includes testing and counseling, PMTC/PICT. 5. WASH: This involves carrying out of awareness for health workers and community members, and training of health workers. It also includes provision of materials in the health facilities for promotion of good sanitation and hygiene practices 6. Community mobilization: This involves giving awareness to community members. 7. Quality Assurance: This involves conducting supportive supervision in health facilities on quarterly basis using checklists to ensure infection prevention.

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