As an organisation with a vision to maintain a sustainable,healthy and productive society, we have laid our hands on a few projects in South Sudan helping and serving our beneficiaries who include children, refugees, women and all South Sudanese nationals.

For that cause, we are currently engaged and actively running the following programs.

Provision of basic health services

We provide basic health services through the Ministry of Health with funding from HPF (Health Pooled Funds) in Yei River State.

WASH Programs

One of our goals and mission at SSUHA is to ensure our beneficiaries get access to safe water, maintain proper sanitation and access the proper Health services.


SSUHA is currently running GBV in Lainya, Yei and Morobo.

As a team, we've been able to accomplish the following projects.

Provision of basic health services

OFDA yhrough ARC supported us the provision of primary health care services in Ngepo, Lire, Kangapo I and parts of Kangapo II in Kajo-Keji County , and also in the then Lobonok payam of Juba County. 
This included supply of medicines and medical equipment, and training on healther related issues.

Improving health care services

Funded training of community and health workers for the primary health care program of SSUHA in Kajo-Keji. It also supported the construction of SSUHA's Community Health Worker's training school. LAter used for training M?CHW's from various parts of war stricken parts of Sudan.

Roll-back Malaria programs

It supported us for the Roll-Back Malaria program in Kajo-Keji with provision of malaria drugs, treated mosquito net, transport, and training of community and health workers on malaria prevention and treatment.

Extended programs of Immunization(EPI)

Supported SSUHA’s EPI program in Kajo-Keji county and the then Lobonok payam of Juba
county through the supply of vaccines, kerosene, fridges and incentives for the vaccinators

OV prevention program

Supported SSUHA and the CHD in Kajo-Keji and the then Lobonok payam of Juba County for
the treatment of OV.

Return and Reintegration Program

UNHCR supported services that included construction of 11 health facilities, training of health
workers, training of community members on health issues, provision of medicines
and reagents for health facilities, medical equipment and support to health workers in government hospitalin Kajo-Keji

Return and Reintegration Program

With funding from Bill Gates Foundation through UNHCR, SSUHA supported health programs in Lobonok payam,(HIV prevention and other health activities provision). A big PHCC was constructed in Pager, Lobonok payam to address the health problem

(IGAD)-HIV/AIDS Piloting Project

prevention program implemented in Kajo-Keji county sponsered by UNHCR

Maternity & Outpatient Ward Construction

We undertook the construction
of the outpatient and maternity ward in Jalimo PHCC in Kajo-Keji county with support from  Sudan
Medical Link through the Diocese of Salisbury

Recovery and Rehabilitation Program

The project was implemented
in 6 payams of Juba West County. Some of the activities included: Construction
of one PHCC and 2 PHCUs including renovation of one PHCU, equipping of these health facilities, supplying them with essential drugs, training hygiene promoters and water users committes.

EU Food Security and Thematic Programs

The project was implemented
in 6 payams of Juba west county, and activities included: Training of women groups on vegetable growing and marketing and also training bee keepers on modern apiary practices and marketing, training of 120 vulnerable people on female goat rearing for rotation.

Delivery of basic packages health care services

The Multi Donor Trust Fund - MDTF supported SSUHA in implementing basic services for health delivery in Kajo-Keji county. SErvices delivery were carried out at both PHCCs and PHCUs level with Kajo-Keji civil hospital acting as the main referral facility for all refferal cases from PHCUs and PHCCs.

Integrated Service Delivery Program -ISDP

USAID through the MCHIP condortium consulting of Jhpiego, Save the children and PSI, supported SSUHA in implementing basic health services in Lainya County. Activies include provision of services in all the healh facilities in Lainya county, conducting support supervision in the health facilities, conducting training activities.


With funding from HEKS/Swiss Solidarity, SSUHA implemented WASH program in 2 payams in Yei and 2 payams in Lainya counties. Activities include: drilling boreholes, protection of springs and construction of shallow wells, provision of boreholes repair tools and construction of VIP latrines.


Was also implemented in the above 4 payams of Yei and Lainya counties for almost the activities of WASH. With funding from HEKS/Swiss Development Cooperation- SDC..

Provision of basic package of health care services

With fundimg from Health Pooled FUnd (HPF),SSUHA  implemented basic health care services in GReater LAinya county, and is a replacement of the ISDP health delivery project previously funded by USAID through MCHIP through the consortium of Jhpiego, Save the CHildren and PSI in the same county


With funding from HEKS/TDH, SSUHA supported WASH Emergency project in Yei town that dealt with rehabilitation of boreholes and training of hygiene promoters to conduct sanitation and hygiene awareness.  IT also supports provision of sanitation and hygiene-based NFI for N ESTIMATED 4,000 households in Yei.


This was a 10-month WASH project in Lainya county. It will mainly deal with rehabilitation of boreholes and training of water user committees and hygiene promoters in Lainya town including the surrounding areas covering Logwilli, Loka ROund, and Loka West.

Provision/Delivery of  basic package of health care.

Supported SSUHA to Implemented Basic health care services in Yei
River State. Greater Lainya, Greater Yei river, Morobo and Kajo-Keji Counties,
funded by consortium members of UKaid, Canada, Sverige, and USAID.