South Sudan Health Association (SSUHA)

South Sudan Health Association (SSUHA), formerly known as Sudan Health Association (SUHA) before the independence of the country, is a National Non-Governmental Organization (NNGO) currently registered with the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) under the new NGOs bill. Previously, it was also registered with the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development. It was founded in 1995 in Nairobi, Kenya with the objective of assisting the Sudanese that were in the refugee camps and others living in parts of that country. But before it could get funds to start assisting the refugees in Kenya, events of the liberation war back in Sudan then developed faster and resulted in the liberation (Around 1997) of some parts of the country by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A). As a result, SSUHA had to turn attention to moving into Sudan (Around June 1997) and started assisting the Sudanese communities that were getting back to the liberated areas of Kajo-Keji County in South Sudan. Between then and now, a number of significant development partners and donors, and other stakeholders have supported SSUHA to implement several projects, and these include: 1- OFDA through ARC for Kajo-Keji County. 2- UNICEF for Kajo-Keji and part of Juba Counties. 3- CRS for Kajo-Keji County. 4- Sudan Medical Link through the diocese of Salisbury for Kajo-Keji County. 5- The European Union (EU) through UNDP in an ICCO-led consortium with 4 other NGOs that included AAH-I, ZOA, NSCC, and SCOPE, for western Juba County payams. 6- UNHCR-IGAD for Kajo-Keji County. 7- The European Union (EU) through UNDP in a ZOA-led consortium with IPCS for western Juba County payams. 8- HEKS and its back donors (Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Development Cooperation) for 4 payams in Lainya and Yei counties. 9- MTDF for Kajo-Keji County. 10- Jhpiego/MCHIP for Lainya County. 11- HPF for Lainya County. HEKS/THD for Yei County. 12- SSJR/TDH for Lainya County, IsraAID with funds from UNICEF for Lainya County. SSUHA’s partners/donors as of July 2022 include HPF, Health Care South Sudan (HCSS), and IsraAID.

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